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Sign up for The Easy Vegan Meal Plan! You have the choice of a $9.99/month subscription or $99.99/annually (get 2 months free!)

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Check your inbox for your log in details and log in to your Easy Vegan Meal Plan!

Step 3

Visit the “Get Started” page for instructions, watch the “Welcome” and How-To videos, and start building your profile! Browse the recipe library and see what’s trending!

Step 4

Get your weekly vegan meal plans and grocery lists and begin enjoying super easy and scrumptious vegan meals.

Step 5

Take advantage of all the extra features such as live online cooking events, live Q&As, building your own customized meal plans, and much more!

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These meal plans are quick, easy, delicious, and of course: vegan. Upon sign up, your weekly plans are made to suit what's most important: you.

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