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What if you could make quick, healthy, veggie-packed, delicious meals (that even picky eaters will love), without spending a ton of time cooking?

Maybe you find yourself saying:

“I’m bored of eating the same meals over and over…”
“I WISH I could find the time to eat hearty, balanced meals…”
“I know I need to get more vegetables in… (I eat too much processed food!)”
“My family is so picky- I have to make food they will actually eat…”

What if…

Your week was filled with a variety of delicious and hearty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks…

These meals were fast and easy to make, made up of affordable and easy to find ingredients…

You could make nutritious and balanced meals that are 100% family-approved…

You can make a variety of tasty healthy meals everyone will love, without dedicating hours to your kitchen. You just need the right plan.

10 years ago when I went from meat lover to vegan overnight, I had no idea how to cook plant-based meals!

Honestly, I felt super overwhelmed by the thought. 

I knew that I needed a plan: One filled with recipes that were tasty, quick, and easy to make. So I planned each week with a variety of simple meals that were hearty & healthy, had enough protein, and (of course!) were super tasty. 

Now, I feel good about my food choices. I’m healthier, my skin is glowing, I lost a few pounds (without trying), and I’m even saving money – no more food waste! 

I’m no longer stuck in a rut. I make a variety of delicious, easy to make, veggie-packed meals (that my husband loves too)!

Get Instant Access To:

New weekly customizable meal plans sent directly to your email and online portal every week

Instant access to an archive of 80+ meal plans

 Recipe bank with 800+ delicious easy vegan recipes

Plus new recipes added every week, so you never get bored

How-to videos and guides

Make friends, trade tips, and join a community of like-minded people

Recipes & Shopping List
So grocery shopping is fast and easy

Customer Support
To help you with any questions you might have

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Hi! I’m Sam Turnbull. 3x bestselling and award-winning cookbook author, online course creator, and founder of 

Over the last 10 years, I have gone through a major transformation. 

I went from struggling to get all my nutritional needs, eating bland and boring plant-based meals, and spending way too much time at the grocery store and in the kitchen to…

  • Launching a hugely popular recipe blog
  • Becoming a bestselling author and online cooking course instructor
  • Writing over 1,000 rave-reviewed vegan recipes
  • Growing a fan base of over 700k followers.
  • Being featured on major TV shows, in magazines and newspapers, podcasts, and the radio

Now I’ve packaged all my years of experience into The Easy Vegan Meal Plan.

The Easy Vegan Meal Plan is a weekly customizable online meal planner that will take you from feeling lost when trying to cook plant-based to: 

  • Enjoying a variety of plant-based dishes
  • Spending less time cooking and shopping (and more time relaxing)
  • Eating a healthier, balanced diet
  • Feeling confident in the kitchen
  • Making meals everyone will enjoy!

Subscribing to The Easy Vegan Meal Plan grants you instant access to:

Customizable Meal Plans

A brand new meal plan every week sent straight to your inbox. Use as is or easily edit it to suit your needs. Plus 80+ past meal plans to try out.

Amazing Recipes

You will have instant access to 800+ family approved recipes that are made using easy-to-find ingredients. Plus brand new recipes are added to the plan every week! You'll never get bored!

Shopping Lists

Printable and downloadable shopping lists! Just check off what you already have and then pick up the rest. Your entire week is sorted! No last minute store trips.

Private Facebook Group

An exclusive members-only community of like-minded people! Pop-in, ask questions, make comments, offer advice, share food photos - make real connections! (Joining is optional)

The Easy Vegan Meal Plan is desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly and can be easily saved as an app on your iPhone!

After becoming a member of The Easy Vegan Meal Plan, you will:

Have endless breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at your fingertips! 

Get all the nutrients you need (protein, essential vitamins, fiber, etc.)

Wow your friends and family with tasty dishes!

Bop in and out of the grocery store at lightning speed knowing exactly what you need!

No longer have uneaten food expiring in your fridge!

Get excited for every delicious meal time!

Be a part of an online community of like-minded people!

This Meal Plan is Designed for:

➡️ Anyone looking to start eating a more balanced and nutritious diet – a well-balanced plant-based diet is scientifically proven to be the healthiest diet.

➡️ New or long-time vegans – we have members that are completely new to plant-based cooking and members who have been vegan for years

➡️ Someone looking to try out a plant-based diet for the first time – this is the perfect place to start!

➡️ People who never have enough time to prepare meals – we will get you in and out of the kitchen super fast

➡️ Families with picky eaters – we’ll show you how to fall in love with veggies.

➡️ Anyone stuck in a cooking rut – start enjoying variety in your everyday meals! 

The Easy Vegan Meal Plan is not for those who require a medically restricted diet. Please contact support if you are unsure if this plan is right for you.


A: Subscribing to The Easy Vegan Meal Plan grants you instant access to:

  • Weekly Customizable Meal Plans!
  • Printable and Downloadable Shopping Lists!
  • An Online Profile where you can save and edit recipes, add notes, create your own meal plans, and import your own recipes!
  • A bank of 800+ plant-based recipes with more being added every week!
  • How-To Videos!
  • An Archive of 80+ Meal Plans!
  • An Invite to a Members-Only Private Online Community!
  • 1-on-1 Customer Support!
  • Exclusive Members-Only Events! 
  • Special Seasonal Meal Plans and Menus! 

The Easy Vegan Meal Plan is desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly and can be easily saved as an app on your iPhone! 

A: Sign up for the Easy Vegan Meal Plan and try it out for free! If you love the plan, you do not have to do anything more. If the plan doesn’t work for you, simply cancel your membership before the 7 day trial ends and you will not be charged. You can cancel your membership anytime in your profile or by contacting 

A: Due to the fact that we offer a free 7-day trial, the digital nature of the content, and our confidence that you will love the meal planner, no refunds will be issued, under any circumstances. Please make sure to cancel your membership before the 7 day trial ends if it doesn’t feel like a good fit for you. Contact with any questions prior to signing up and we’ll be happy to help!

A: I design my recipes to be as easy as possible, using as few ingredients as possible so that everyone will have success in the kitchen. Me and my team will also be answering all your questions and will help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

Most recipes take less than 30 minutes. 

These are ingredients you can find at almost any grocery store and most are likely even in your kitchen right now already! 

A: Yes! I make vegan versions of family favourite recipes. These recipes aren’t scary or weird, they are classic recipes that have been veganized. 

There are many members of the meal plan who have kids or partners who were at first reluctant, but then quickly fell in love with the recipes!

A: The meal plan contains a ton of unique recipes that you won’t find anywhere else (not on the blog or in the cookbooks). The meal plan has all of the blog recipes (so that you do not have to bounce between the two sites). But there over 100 unique recipes to the meal plan, and new unique recipes get added every week! If you are a fan of Sam Turnbull’s work, you will not want to miss out on this!

A: Many people find that they save money by using this plan! 

Dining out, getting take out, buying meat, cheese, and processed food are all expensive! The recipes in this plan are made up of affordable simple ingredients such as grains (rice, pasta, bread), legumes (chickpeas, black beans), a mix of vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds. These basic ingredients can be found at any grocery store and are very affordable.

Yes! Wherever we can, substitutions will be provided so that you can enjoy every meal as it suits you! You can even sort the recipes by categories including gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and oil-free. If you would like to make a recipe but you don’t see a substitution that works for you, just message us in the Facebook group or reach out to and we will be happy to help!

A: This plan is designed to save you time! Your shopping list is automatically generated every week. Just check off what you already have in your kitchen and then shop for the rest of the ingredients. You will have everything you need for the entire week! No last minute trips to the store needed.

The recipes are super easy and quick, the majority of them take less that 30 minutes to prepare!

A: Yes! In addition to being editable and customizable, our lists can be downloaded and viewed on your smart phone, tablet, computer or can be printed.

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